Monday, May 25, 2009

Proud of myself

the other day i posted a comment on Stacey Julian's blog about where i was from, to see that there are people all over the world who scrap, and that we are all connected because of that. Well she took a look at my blog, and asked me if she could add me to her list of creative women! i am so excited, it may seem small but to me it is a big accomplishment! and i am proud of myself! will definitely be putting a page together with this! 
I am also heading off on a camping trip tomorrow with my school, and i won't be back until friday night!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New stuff!

Went to our Local scrapbook stores over the weekend, and got a stash of new stuff, that i can't wait to start playing with!
I got a paper pack from basic grey, for 20 bucks, which i thought was a good deal?
Some AC ribbon, rubber alpha stamps, more paper, Making memories ribbon and some thickers! Can't get enough of those, i dont know why? That may just be my addiction lol.
Heres a picture

Anyone else go shopping on the weekend?
also i got some new glasses, and a new prescription awhile ago, which is like 3 times stronger then my last one! but i got a great deal, buy a pair get a pair free! so  got one pair of glasses and then some sunglasses, for driving since i got my license a couple weeks ago!!! 

Friday, May 22, 2009


Music  is a very big part of my life, and i seriously would not give it up for anything in the world. it provides me a place where i can think and get lost in my thoughts.
one song i am loving right now is Ingrid Michaelson's new song.. i have no idea what it is called i will have to ask my sister, but i love it! i actually get butterflies everytime i listen to it! another one is the fray.. pretty much every song they've ever written i love, definatley recommend them to anyone who wants someone to listen too.
There is always one or two artists that you love, and will always love, because they have touched you with their music, and you can never go back. The fray is that for me, they gave me something that no one else could, and i will never forget that, or let that go. 
i wish i could see them in concert, because i think it would be an amazing experience, but that may take awhile! but i will see them, trust me on that one!
Who do you listen too? what has music done for everyone else?


i recently downloaded this polaroid camera onto my macbook it should be in their download section if you can't find it. Well it is compatible with mac or PC computers and i love it, it gives the same authentic feel that a real polaroid does, and on my computer it develops on the screen! it is the fun-nest tool ever! Here are some that i have done:
and if anyone knows somewhere else that you can get a polaroid digital frame just these, it would be much appreciated!!