Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello Holga

One of my favorite christmas presents this year was my holga 135 turqoiuse camera!
There is quite the story behind this first roll of film. My dad volunteered to load the camera for me, because he "knew" what he was doing, and i thought he did. But he loaded it wrong. I shot 24 pictures, which was supposed to be the whole roll, but the film was still advancing to 36. We loaded it wrong. It turns out i had taken 24 pictures on on frame because the film wasn't advancing properly.
So I opened up the back and re-loaded the film, took 24 pictures and got them developed! Only 17 of them turned out, and only about 5 were clear enough to see what they were. I will never load film wrong ever again! Lesson learned.
These were the best ones:

I've figured out that the 400 speed film can ONLY be used outside. None of the indoor ones turned out, no matter how much light was present. So i will remember that for next time!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


It was my mom's birthday on the 18th, so we did a two day celebration. On her birthday we all went for afternoon tea at a hotel downtown. It was the cutest thing! We all got our own tea pot, and a tray of "tea foods" which were small pastry's and finger sandwiches. It was all very delicious and so cute! Yesterday me and my sisters made her dinner, so when she came home from work she didn't have to do anything. We made homemade sushi and tempura. It was delicious!

Erinn, my younger sister is a really good baker! She made a red velvet cake for my mom as a surprise. One of my favorite Bloggers is the author of I am Baker. She makes gorgeous desserts, and a little while back posted this cake. I knew we had to make it for my mom, so we did and this is how it turned out:

It was so moist and delicious, but Erinn messed up the frosting. She thought that confectioners sugar, was just plain sugar, not icing sugar, so instead of icing sugar she put in regular sugar. So the icing was really sweet, and a little grainy, but still tasted fine with the cake!

I helped her decorate with the roses, and we were so proud that it looked so good after!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally done

I mentioned that i wanted to change the blog around, and i have finally gotten it to a place that i like. I wanted a change, but each of the changes i made just didn't seem like me. This weekend i was playing around with some business card ideas for my sister, and came up with a new blog headder in the process. I LOVE this one, it seems more me, and is a nice change!
So here is what my original blog looks like:

Then i changed it to this:

And now i am keeping it like this!

I decided to change the name because i have grown out of it, literally. I am growing up, soon to be 19, which is still a teenager, but i feel more like an adult, and then name just didn't fit anymore. 
Anyway hope you all like the new change, Have  a nice day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Album idea

Elise Blaha is one of my favorite bloggers, when ever i see her in my feed, i'm  instantly excited, all of her work and craft projects are so inspirational! I fell in love with her blog a couple years ago after she posted a project on Ali edwards blog, i was instantly hooked! Her mini-books are what initially grabbed.

She posted a project about an album she's going to do this year, and i love it so much i might just do one like it too! you can find her's here.

i like the different size of the photos she uses, it's so unique and different then anything i have ever done.

i think i will include pictures from the month, doing full pictures for the ones i absolutley love, and then collages for the other ones.

As for the journaling, i will use these templates which you can find here, herehere and here and i'm not sure how but i'll have to expand them to fit the page size, i'll try it out in Photoshop or illustrator and see how it turns out!

I think it's a great take on Project life, and very easy and simple to complete!