Sunday, January 25, 2009


yesterday i was over at my dad's apartment and i finally got a chance to order my Macbook!!! i am so excited, I've been saving up for this, and thinking about buying it for almost a year now! and its finally happened, the worst part now is the fact that i have to wait for Mr. Delivery man to bring it to me! here's what i ordered yesterday:

My dad and mom didn't really want me to get the macbook just yet because my sister got hers as a graduation present, but i knew i wasn't waiting another year and a half to get mine! But then they wanted me to wait until at least June because they had a promotion going on last year, that if you bought a macbook you could get a free ipod, but that's still months away, and I've already saved up for my macbook, and i have enough money now. Plus i think i need this little pick me up right now, and i know that sometime before the summer i will be buying my first car, {Note to self, go for drivers test soon!} and i don't really want to put these two things together, buying a car is going to be very expensive, and i don't want to add this laptop on top of all that, sooo..... theres all my reasons!
it should ship sometime next week, or defiantly the week after that, but as long as i have it before February 10th, I'm happy!
Feb.10th is my high schools Open house, and I'll have to stay after school from 3-5:30 doing homework, and having my laptop with me will make it a little easier!
Well that's all for now

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 7th/365

Today was brutal!!! not as productive as yesterday, but i still got some work done, i got to sleep in 40 extra minutes, yay for me! My mom gave me a ride to school so i didnt have to take the bus. Today's pic is of our jewlery holder, that kristen gave me and erinn for christmas it works so well, and our make-up stand is definatley not as messy as before, Bonus!

365/ days 28-6th

wow i need to post more often really! i am doing project 365 and here are my pictures so far, for details about my project go down 2 posts!
*note not all pictures were taken by me, and do not take credit for them


i Created a cute little mini, from some fabric that i got from a local quilting shop. Me and my mom went to a craft, okay well sewing/quilting/some scrapbooking fair in the fall, and we each one a door prize for a gift certificate for this quilting shop, so i got some fabric, and other little things with the money, and finally made a project with it! yay!
I used my new bind it all to put it all together, now all it needs is some pictures, i'm thinking i will put some baby pics in, about 10 i think. Each page is roughlly 4x4, i took a light weight cardboard, cut the fabric arround it and then sewed up the edges, and used pinking shears to make the edges look good!
i was inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner's mini book that she made about her daughter, so all the credit goes to that girl! She is such an inspiration, i would put a link, but i dont know how!! so any hel would be good!
i will post more pics, once the book is officially compleate!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Project 365

I am sooo on board with this it is not even funny! i am so excited already, and its only been a week! i have not ordered a kit from CK and i am happy that i didn't after what I've heard and seen about how the website crashed, and there weren't too many kits to go around. But i am very pleased with my plan of how i will accomplish my own album! i recently learned how to create my own divided page protectors off of another blog: http://
so i have created my own! yay for me! i will do 52 all together, but i will only be creating them a week in advance, for example this week most of my photos are vertical so i made the 4x6 slots vertical, next week may be the same or different. the only thing i need to figure out is what to do about journaling cards, i may just have to make different ones everyday or something i don't know! i wish i could figure that out!
My page protectors look pretty much like the ones that came in the kit, and i have one extra slot for memorabilia, more journaling, extra photos, etc.

My take on the project is i will have one photo everyday, but i have not necessarily taken the photos, most will be mine, but other days may be an old picture of mine, a favorite photo of mine from years or months ago. or something that inspired me that day, or a movie or show i watched, so the pressure to take a photo a day isn't as great, there is still some slack for me. i know the whole idea of the project is to document everyday life, but i know i would fall off the band waggon within a couple weeks, so this works better for me.
I also think that's kind of a good thing, we should be able to adapt the project to our needs, and make it work for every one of us, and that's what i did for me!