Saturday, January 15, 2011

Will you help me?

I need some help, it's a new year and time for a new blog design i think!
so i've been playing around with the blogger templates and i can't decide which ones i like more, so will you help me out? please leave a comment telling me which design you like the best!

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

Design #4

40 things layout

I wrote This blog post a couple years ago about "40" things about me, and i made a layout about it so i can see the passage of time. i think it would be interesting to do something like this every couple years, and see the difference. Or maybe once every birthday would be a good idea too.

i printed off as many bullets on the sheet of paper that i could fit, and then printed the entire list and tucked it behind the layout with a little tab. which can be pulled out to read.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Birthday layout

i can't believe this was two years ago, that seems so weird to me. i also can't believe i am about to turn 19 in a couple months too! Why do we have to grow up so fast? I wish i could slow it down for a little while.

This was made after my birthday, one of my friends threw me a surprise party. But i had guessed what she was doing and it wasn't much of a surprise for me. I'm good a guessing things!!

i tried to include as many pictures as i can, there were so many that were taken that night! And i am also including this in my high-school scrapbook, which has pages made from activities from school, of hanging out with friends, i'm including everything i can from grade 10 until grade 12.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

taylor swift

i made this layout Summer 2009. i was going through my old albums looking through all my layouts and picked some that i Love that i will be posting soon.

There is quite the story behind going to the taylor swift concert when she was here in town, and because of that i had to include the whole story, which i wrote on just a loose leaf paper, and then placed behind the layout attached with a paper clip.
For the journaling i gave the quick version of the story,and an overall view of the concert. It was amazing! and i would recommend going to one if she's in your city, there really isn't anythin like it!This is one of my all-time favorite layouts, and i just smile every-time i see it, because i remember the story behind it, and then i think of how happy i am that i was able to record and document that story into a layout i simply adore. And that's why i love scrapbooking so much!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am thinking about attempting project life, or project 365 again.
But i am really not sure weather i should do it or not! I have attempted i think 3 different times now, and quit after 2-4 months into the project. In all cases it became too much to keep track of and was causing too much stress for me, so i decided to stop.

Even with all that said i still want to do this! I want to take a picture a day for a whole year, i want a year of my life documented! It is a life goal for me, but i don't know if i can do it or not.

I LOVE Becky Higgins new Project life kit, i love the turquoise edition, but i also love the system i came up with last year as well. i took some page protectors for the journaling which i will print on cardstock at home, and then the pictures go into some 4x6 page protectors i stole from a simple photo album that i bought at walmart.

Here's what i've been thinking, that will make this project different then any other attempt i've tried. I found this written on a blog, i just can't remember which one: This is defiantly very true and i need to let go of all the stress and focus on documenting my life, however much that is.

"If you miss a day (or 20) pick back up and carry on. When it’s all said and done you won’t care so much about the days that you missed but you will so treasure the days that you have documented."

This is definaltey very true and i need to let go of all the stress and focus on documenting my life, however much that is.
so i guess after all this rambling and thinking, i am going to attempt this again, now all i need is to figure out when!

I dont know what system im going to use yet, i do want Becky Higgins kit, but not sure if i can afford it right now, perhaps in a couple months when i get another job, we'll see. So maybe i'll stick to my system right now.

I need to upload pictures every week, and label them.
I will create a new iphoto "account" just for project life so they're all there in one place, not mixed up with all the other pictures.

And most of all i need to relax a little bit, if i miss a day, just keep going and continuing on, document what you can and what you have time for.