Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The halls are decked

Christmas decorations have been up for awhile, but i finally took some pictures for my December daily album yesterday, i love the way our house looks close to Christmas! All of the different things that we have looks so beautiful, so i thought i would share.

Christmas Wrapping

Wrapped up all my presents yesterday, wasn't too many this year, but wrapping even a couple was good! i absolutley love wrapping presents, so if you need any wrapped just send them on over to me. Last year in my stocking santa left a 20 page MArtha Stewart book on how to wrap presents, so i used one idea from there, and printed off 2" square tags with pictures of the reciver, so no writing involved,and it gave the gift a different look.

Also made some Jam cookies, it was a simple oatmeal cookie recipe, and then i stuck some rasberry jam in the middle of two, and made a cookie sandwich, sooo yummy!!!
Trying to use these next couple days till christmas to catch up on my december daily album. i'll post some pictures once i start finnishing some pages.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Amazing day, and not in a good way

wow, today absolutely blew my mind,
before i get into the story i have some things to say, Life comes at you at a thousand miles and hour, and it can change in a split second, and i am so thankful that i am here right now, and that me and all of my peers are okay, and healthy, and unharmed physically. So here's what happened:

okay well today was a normal day until 1:30 this afternoon, when our whole school went into lock down for like 4 hours!apparently this girl who goes to our school broke up with her boyfriend who is not in school, so this guy was pissed off, and the girl and her best friend knew that he had a gun on him. Well today he sent her a threatening text or something, and then came to the school with 2 of his friends, and then the next thing you know our whole school is in lock down. i was in a student council meeting, with like 16 other people, stuck in a small, small room, no windows, no nothing, and pitch blackness, like you could seriously not see your own hand in front of your face! so we stayed there, and i thought it was just a practice lock down, but we were sitting there for 40 minutes, and then school ended, so we were like wow this is real. and then the police came in the school, and they ran through the whole school, checking doors, and making sure there was no one in the halls. and then they left, and we didn't hear anything for another hour and a half.
and then they stared evacuating the school. so like another 20 minutes of that, and then they got to our room. an like busted the door open, and had their guns pointing at us, and were like "Get down on the ground, put your hands in the air!" and like Oh My God they had gun's pointing at us, it was only police, but i mean come on!
that doesn't happen to just anyone, so then we were evacuated, and got to go home, but i didn't get home till 6, and being at school at 8:30!! crazy but no one was hurt, and they ended up not finding the guys who were in the school.
but i am just so thankful that no one was hurt. But i am still in shock, i can't believe that happened to us, it still hasn't hit yet!While all of this was happening, i was stuck in that room with no communication, and no idea what was happening, we were in complete darkness, we had no idea why we were in lock down, or how long we were going to be there or what was going on, so that was pretty scary.
The worst part was not knowing, thats what broke us down, and caused so much stress, every other person in the city knew what was going on except us! And that scares me.
But no one was hurt, we're all just shaken up, and glad that we were not alone in this, we experienced this as one, as an entire school, and i'm glad that we can all support each-other.

Monday, December 8, 2008


So i decided for one of my December daily pages i was going to write a letter to a total stranger, trying to spread the Christmas cheer, and let them know that they count in this life. so i started by making a card: Check Spelling
and then wrote a letter inside:

Hello, yes this card is for you, who-ever you may be. i am spreading the holiday cheer by placing this card randomly, so yes this was meant for you, and no you probably do not know me. Please pass on the holiday spirit by giving someone a hug, buying someone a coffee, or sending a card, whatever you want. i also want you to know that you are a once-in-a-lifetime-never-before-on-earth-never- to-be-again, personality, please understand the importance of that. i hope you know that you are a cherished person, and i will be thinking of you all holiday season, please go to my blog and leave a comment letting me know that you got this letter, it is much appreciated
Happy holidays!

This is what the inside looked like finished:


Wow it finally snowed last night here in Calgary, well actually is started at like 8 in the morning and didn't stop until late. But it was a huge dump of fluffy white stuff!
It was the really heavy sticky stuff, so really bad to drive in and really easy to get stuck in! I worked yesterday doing brunch, and then called mom to come pick me up, well she got stuck in the alley, and Kristen and Erinn Had to push her out, and then she came to heritage Park and the city bus was vertical across the road, so she couldn't get by, and then she got stuck on a really small hill, and we had to get the worker men to push her out. It was very nice of them, and we got out after some work!
but my golly it was a huge mess! i was off early and i had some time to check out the new shops at heritage park, an antique store, which is my new favorite store! they have so many great things there, so many old albums and list could go on and on so i won;t get into that. but i picked up a couple gifts, and an old cigar box for me! i will re-decorate i think and put a mini album inside!
Here's some pictures of the snow!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Daily

I am following Ali Edward December Daily album, but i am already getting behind!! Not good, but i have the album already done, so i just need stuff to put inside, which is gonna be hard, since i am a full time student, its hard to do stuff everyday, but hope full i will get some stuff done!
The thing that i was to do today was drink Apple cider/ hot chocolate! that was easy, since i had Cran-apple cider, it is the best stuff you will ever have! EVER! makes me happy just thinking about it, sadly though it is disappearing fast, and i don't know where to get it again! too sad :(
December came too fast for me, i am already behind in school, and i have to do at least 30 units this month, which is only two weeks, it still hasn't started off great, and i am almost failing physics! if you don't know what units are, don't worry about it, if you didn't go to my school, then you probably wouldn't understand, which is okay!
anyway, i have lots of work to do!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So i started reading these books in grade nine, that was 3 years ago, way before it became so big. I was one of the first to fall in love with it, i just couldn't help it. They were SO good. I was so exctied when the last book came out Breaking dawn. It came out this summer, right before we went camping, which couldn't have been more perfect, The best beach read ever!! even though i finished most of it in the car ride there! Oh well, i just couldn't help myself. Anyway, the movie came out on Friday November 21st, which was last week, and of course i HAD to see it opening night! i mean come one i have been waiting for this for years!

But i have to say i was VERY dissapointed with the movie! I went with a friend who read the book adn she loved it, but i just didnt like it. And i dont think i will go and see the other ones. I think even trying and making a movie from that book is a dissaster,and dissapointment to start out with. you just cant do it. Oh and the Acting was horrible, so bad. Robert Patterson, i am sorry but you suck! your just too akward. And the music they chose for the movie was so bad too, to distracting, they could have chosen that better. And Jacob's teeth are way to white! I mean come on, they could have done a better job. There, that's my vent for the day! LOL

I'll post my december Daily album tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sodapop and a Pretzel

This is a layout i did over the summer about my younger sister Erinn, who LOVES orange pop, and pretzels. I work at a historical village for my part time job, and we have old fashioned soda pop, which i bring home for occasionally. We went to the park one day with Kristen and Dad and spent most of the day walking around and seeing everything. And we bought an orange pop, and then one of the guys i worked with was almost closing up, and was going to throw out the pretzels, so he gave it to Erinn for free! she was one happy girl i have to say!
Sorry about he last photo, its kind of blurry!
I think this was the first page i ever used American craft Thickers on! YAY me :)
Have a good one

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Idea Book

I made this book so i could have all my ideas in one central place. The different tabs are: Sketches,Color swatches, journaling and Ideas (like page topics, and cards etc. ) i am really finding this very handy, and it helps me stay organized. i often write my ideas down in the book, and then refer to it later when i need some inspiration. Also when I'm browsing different blogs and galleries, and i see a layout, card or idea i like, i put it in a folder, and then every once in awhile i print out a whole bunch on one sheet. i Will also be including this in my idea book! This idea was featured in a CK magazine, i don't know which on exactly, but that's where my inspiration is from!

Had a great day at school today! not. our school went into a Mock lock down. A couple of weeks ago a school pretty close to mine went into lock down, after a man came in completely naked. But it is actually pretty scary to think that something like that or even worse could happen to us at my school. My biggest fear, is of a school shooting! It has been since elementary, when i first knew what high school was. Luckily though i go to a very, VERY safe school. Ours is much, much smaller then the average high school, and the way our school is run, and the teaching is so different, that everyone is so much more friendly, and nice. it really makes you appreciate what you've got!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

It is remembrance day today. please take a minute of silence to reflect on all that our soldiers have done for us.

I would like to thank all the Canadian soldiers that have risked their life in battle, for the freedom of our country, and the safety of our people. Most of all i would like to offer comfort to all the families affected by the war, and all the previous wars. My heart especially goes out to the family of Corporal Nathan Hornburg, who was killed last year. He was a graduate of the same high school as me. Hid family came to our Remembrance day celebration last year, just a month after their son was killed. I cannot thank you enough for speaking to us,and sharing your story.

I will never Forget.

I am also posting pictures of some Christmas tags that i made a little while ago. I will either be using them on my presents or selling them at my Church's Craft sale NEXT year. I just took a cream piece of paper, lightly stamped a snowflake on, used my STUDIO G alphabet stamps, and tied some ribbon. Didn't take very long at all!

About those STUDIO G stamps. I popped into Michael's today with my mom, expecting to only get some paper that was on sale, and possibly use the 50% off coupon, and to my surprise they had the alphabet stamps!!! i was beyond excited. I picked up one set a couple months ago, like summer time, loved them once i used them, went back to get more, and they didn't have any. i was so disappointed. I have been looking for them ever since, and finally found them!! That seriously made my day! :D

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Picture frames


So in my last post i was stressed out because i couldn't find the Cord that charges my camera, well i FOUND IT!! and you'll never guess where it was.
Behind the SUGAR jar! i couldn't believe it! but all is well, camera's charged, and ready to go for Ali Edwards "A week in the life" project. Already started, and have a few pictures going. i will upload the ones for today, later on or tomorrow morning, along with the journaling i will be putting up.
Later this morning i will be creating templates for the album, as well as a gratitude journal. I will post pictures when i get them done!

In the meantime, i did a project a couple of months ago with some 4X6 frames that i will be putting up in my bedroom. here they are:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Turning 16

Okay, so I'm super excited about this new blog!
here's a project i did back in April, when i turned 16. it was my reflection on my life so far, and what i look forward to in coming years, and what i am afraid of experiencing, or challenges i will be facing. i am so glad i did this, its going to be a great keepsake in years to come.
okay, so i wanted to do the "week in the life" project that Ali Edwards featured a couple weeks back, and i was planning to start it on Sunday, and continue it all next week, but my camera is officially dead. And i cannot find the USB cord to plug it in to charge, ANYWHERE. Seriously where could it have gone? i must find it, next week is going to be a good week to do this project, i don't have a full week of school, so it will be much easier. What will i do? Must go look for it now.....

First Blog!

My first official blog!
I couldn't help myself after looking at everyone else's blogs for months, i just had to get my own! FINALLY.
Also, i've been looking at photobooks on blurb.com and thought it would be awesome if i could make my own book. And so i begin, the first page of my very own blog book!
more later on today.