Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I know its a couple days late, but the truth is i didn't have these done until the night of. But i thought these were way to cute not to share! I used my favorite polaroid maker the poladroid, click on the link and you can download it too, and make polaroids out of every one of your pictures!
I printed off the polaroids i wanted to use, most of these images were from tumblr, sorry i don't have links, if you know one let my know and i'll post it so i can give proper credit. Anyway, i printed them off at home, sizes were 3.25"x4.5" cut them and adhered patterned paper on the back as well as my note, typed with my typewriter. 
The Cute heart punches were cut with MArtha Stewarts punch, Love it, use it on a lot of my projects.

Aren't they cute??? And you could use it for any card you want, birthday christmas, you name it, just put some cute paper on the back and stick it in an envelope!
Tell me what you think!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Right now

Ali Edwards did a guest post on this blog today, about her life right now, so i thought i would do one of my own too. 

Around here me and erinn  are at Dad's this week, and kristen is in jasper skiing

Around here i am trying to do homework, so i can finish school early this year. 

Around here i am using my new camera everyday, and falling in love with photography again.

Around here i am looking for a new job.

Around here i am writing in my journal everyday, and working on my Project Life project for 2010

Around Here i have over 500 pictures saved in iphoto from tumblr. And i use them as inspiration for my own photography. 

Around here i am expressing my creativity through scrapbooking.

Around here i am wanting to go explore the world, and see everything for myself. 

Around here i am preparing my self for a new chapter in my life, i am turning 18 in a couple months, and i will also be graduating and going into university. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

2 pages

I did some scrapbooking last week, so i thought i would share. This first one is about Market collective, it's an event where local artists come to sell their work, from jewlery to photography to baking, to art. Me and my sisters love going! And it just so happens there is another one tomorrow!

And this second layout is about a concert me and my sisters went to recently, you can't really see the title, and i kind of wish i did it in black thickers instead, but other then that i am really happy with how it turned out! Anyway, it was Switchfoot's concert, they are one of my favorite bands, so i was really happy and excited that i got to see them live!