Sunday, September 27, 2009

project coming soon

i have all my pages printed for my camping album this year, finished it fast this time too!
i just need to glue them all together and then bind them with my bind it all, i have the wire ready and everything too. Here's a sneek peek:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer book

I made this awesome mini book using all 4x6 photo's printed at walmart's instant photo kiosk. i wanted a book where i could put some picture of the highlights of my summer, i would say there's proboblly 50 pictures in the book. 
i glued most of the pictures back to back,a dn then chose some to put patterned paper on the back, where i could do some journaling.

This project was so fast to do, and sooo easy! especially because of my handy dandy Bind it all! i did mess up the hole punches on some of the pages, but decided just to leave it and embrace the imperfection. 
tell me what you think!

my last year

i am going to write this because i think that it is really important, and i know it will be something that i look back on and cherish years from now. 
i feels like high-school, or school in general has gone by so fast! i still remember almost every detail of my first day of high-school, and it seems crazy to me that i will actually be graduating this year. and to tell you the truth it scares me to death, it really does. after this year i will officially be and adult, school is no longer mandatory. The day of my graduation is like the first day to the rest of my life.
it also scares me because i have so much work ahead of me to even get to graduation, i still have a few courses to finnish, and a lot of hours that i need to be studying, so i can get good grades. I will also need to apply for scholarships this year, starting as soon as possible, and then comes the one thing that scares me the most.... applying for university. 
i kind of know what i want to be doing for a career, but i am not 100% sure. i would like to go into graphic design, because i think i would really enjoy that, and possibly take some course in photography as well, because that's another one of my interests. but i don't know where i would go to take those courses, which is something i need to figure out.
i big thing for me though, is that i need to do something that i will enjoy 90% of the time, if not more. if i do not love my job, then i don't want to be doing it. i really enjoy scrap-booking, and using that creative side of me, so that's why i picked it. 
But to sum it all up, i am scared to be finished school, and i know it will fly by. But i am also SO excited for this year, because i know it will be one of the best, it is already starting off that way. i cannot wait for next year, and finishing my education once and for all, but i am also sad, because a part of me doesn't want it to end.  
So grade 12 here i come!