Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer book

I made this awesome mini book using all 4x6 photo's printed at walmart's instant photo kiosk. i wanted a book where i could put some picture of the highlights of my summer, i would say there's proboblly 50 pictures in the book. 
i glued most of the pictures back to back,a dn then chose some to put patterned paper on the back, where i could do some journaling.

This project was so fast to do, and sooo easy! especially because of my handy dandy Bind it all! i did mess up the hole punches on some of the pages, but decided just to leave it and embrace the imperfection. 
tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...

Wow ! So simple, yet so beautiful ! I'm sure you will cherish it forever !
Love your idea, it inspires me for my own summer pics :-)

Nanie-Scrap (from CKMB)

Renee[Q][C] said...

Very cool! Would you consider posting a tutorial. I'm kind of a newb lol

Carol said...

Your Summer Book is such a great idea and it does seem simple enough to be 'doable' and not something that you have to finish in the future.I know that you will also enjoy doing a special scrapbook of your senior year...Your first journaling page pretty well sums up most seniors feeling about the year. Keep on posting with us and Good Luck as you begin the new year!

peata said...

very cool mini.
simple and sleek.
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Apryl Schneider said...

Fabulous job! Looks like you really had a lot of fun with that.

Apryl :)

jess from florida (willowgrove) said...

definitely keep's sooo worth it. i started journaling in the 3rd grade and i'm so grateful to be able to look back on all of those memories. great goal!
from one 21er to another - "keep it going"!

and this blog said...

love ur scrapbook very creative and lively!!!