Monday, February 15, 2010

Right now

Ali Edwards did a guest post on this blog today, about her life right now, so i thought i would do one of my own too. 

Around here me and erinn  are at Dad's this week, and kristen is in jasper skiing

Around here i am trying to do homework, so i can finish school early this year. 

Around here i am using my new camera everyday, and falling in love with photography again.

Around here i am looking for a new job.

Around here i am writing in my journal everyday, and working on my Project Life project for 2010

Around Here i have over 500 pictures saved in iphoto from tumblr. And i use them as inspiration for my own photography. 

Around here i am expressing my creativity through scrapbooking.

Around here i am wanting to go explore the world, and see everything for myself. 

Around here i am preparing my self for a new chapter in my life, i am turning 18 in a couple months, and i will also be graduating and going into university. 


Anonymous said...

I always find it random when I happen upon a blog, and then happen to discover that it is written by another Albertan. I don't think it happens that often in the blogosphere. Hope you're enjoying Family Day!

Sinead said...

I'm also a 17 year old girl who loves to scrapbook, and I just came across your blog! I'm from Ireland and I really enjoy reading your blogs:) It's so nice to come across someone totally randomly through the internet that has such similar interests to me! Sinéad K :)