Friday, February 6, 2009

25 things about me

i bet you anything this will end up being a scrapbook page in a couple of days:
i got this idea from my cousin Carly, on Facebook, so here it goes:

1. one of the things i am most grateful in my life is having the opportunity to go to Carroll, and everyday i realize just how lucky i am to be there.
2. i don't know what u would do if i didn't have my music, i listen to it all day, and without it i think i would go crazy.
3. i will do anything to record all the everyday things, big or small, i want my kids to know as much about me as possible, and more importantly i want to remember everything that happens.
3. something i am most scared of is forgetting.
4. i want another pet, our home hasn't been the same since kitty died.
5. i believe that i am an "old soul", i've been here for while, because i act more like a 50 year old then a 16 year old.
6. i cannot wait until i turn 18 and become an adult
7. i am happy that i am not in the "popular" crowd, i couldn't be happier with the friends i've made, and i don't want to throw my life away with drugs and alcohol.
8. i love dressing up and getting all pretty!
9. i LOVE math, it's that thrill or going through all of those steps and then getting the right answer after all of it, and most important, there's only one answer!
10. Yes i am a book worm and i love it, i don't know what i would do without books, i love submerging myself in another life, a new adventure and conflict! 
11. i could stay on the computer for hours, editing photos and browsing scrapbooking websites, message boards and blogs
12. i forget my age sometimes!
13. my ideal job would to be a professional photographer, it is my dream!
14.Ichiban is my saviour! i love it soo much, even though it is not good for at all!
15. one thing i hope to achieve one day, is to write in my journal for 365 days, i dont know why i haven't done this one yet  because i love journals and buying new ones, so you would think that would be motivation enough to get going! lol
16. i love being able to transform an ordinary photo into something i never thought possible.
17. i hope one day i will know how to use photoshop to it's full extent.
18.i want to explore the world, i don't want to be one of those people that never leaves their city or country.
19. i will never buy a pair of jeans over $30, i but cheap clothes, and i'm proud of it, because the truth is most people can't tell the difference.
20. i hardley ever make a decision on the fly, i need time to think about most things.
21. i want to get out of highschool and finally start my own life, but i'm scared to leave it behind, it may just be the best years of my life.
22. i worry about my little sister every day.
23. My cousin James.B. is proboblly the funniest person i've ever met, and i Love him to death
24. i love breakfast, i would have it all day if i could
25. Favorite food= bacon!!!! 
26.i envy Kristen's hands, they are always so soft, they seriouslly feel like silk!
27.i think my best features are my eyes
28. another fear of mine is that i won't end up becoming the person i want to be, and that my life won't turn out the way i have dreamed it will.
29. i wish i was able to talk more with people and connect with more people.
30. i love how in Junior High i Hated Biancha, because she was taking kelsey away from me, adn now she's my best friend, and Kelsey's the one with no one.
31. i know i am a strong person, even though i doubt myself all the time.
32.i am scared of  big houses, i blame this on all those scary movies, i will proboblly end up living in a house just like the one i grew up in
33. i love the houses in Maraloupe, they're just so darn cute!!!
34.i cannot watch TV or sit on the couch without a blanket, even if its +40 outside
35. i always seem to be cold
36.i wish i could be a professional dancer, it saddens me that it may be to late to learn!
37.i dream about my perfect guy everyday.
38. i don't think i could not share a room, it scares me
39. i really need to go to bed right now
40. i really need to cut back on some of my TV watching and get more homework done!

There, 40 instead of 25, lol i just couldn't resist!
i hope you learned something about me, and this will definatley make it to a scrapbook page! 
Good night!


Heather Leigh said...

I saw your comment on Lizzy Kartchner's just us blog, and something about "the life of a scrapbooking teen" really intrigued me. Granted, this is coming from someone who is almost TWENTY YEARS older than you, but, I think it is uber cool that you scrapbook!! Stick with this passion of yours. It is an amazing hobby...wait a minute, scratch is an amazing way of LIFE! How fortunate you are to recognize that so early on in life.

Angie... by the said...

So glad you made your way over to the new CKMB! I always enjoy seeing your posts and your work. Loved your list. :) I'm 44 now, but could have written so much of your list when I was your age. Total bookworm..good girl, hoping for the perfect man and afraid I'd never meet him, no drugs, etc. I'm proud of you. My life turned out great, not always easy but really wonderful. I love my choices. Married my Mr. Wonderful when I was 24...we knew within one week we would be married. We'll have our 20th anniversary in May. We have two little bitty boys. Don't be afraid to leave highschool. Grab ahold of life, but also let it come to you. Wait for the right guy. It'll happen! Love your page and album on your last post. Wish I would have known about scrappin earlier!
angie ♥♥♥