Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fresh start

I got a haircut today! Decided to cut off most of my hair. It feels really good, it's a new look, new start for another year of school

I am going into my second year of university on Thursday, and I'm excited for this new year to start. I'm feeling very refreshed, and ready to start school again.

I had a really good summer, we went camping in BC for two weeks, with some other families, and it was a blast, as it always is! I  have also been working everyday as well, which has been tough and mentally exhausting. I quit one of my jobs, which feels amazing, it's nice to have that stress gone. And i am now debating weather i should get another new job, or just focus on this very special project i am about to pursue. (more on that later!).

I am also thinking about doing project life this year. Im not sure when i would want to start, either the beginning of the school year, or new years, or even my birthday. not sure yet. have you seen the new designs?? They are gorgeous, i am in love with the Clementine edition!! Swoon!

I also have some exciting news, that i will be announcing very soon. I just have some loose ends to tie up, and then i will share!

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JmRL. said...

HI megan: ( you asked about my age) Im turning 18 within a month ( you do the math). Im nearly legal! And I want to do something illegal( No idea what).
Did you cut your hair yourself? I do that most of the times. They say girls do that to express themselves..