Friday, April 3, 2009


this is a layout i did for valentines day, about me and my younger sister. Her b-day is tomorrow, so i thought this would be appropriate, it's a page about why i love her.
Here is a couple
1. She is so funny, like hilarious, everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be funny,and we have alot of good times because of it.
2. She is so outgoing, whereas i am more shy and closed off, it balances us out really well
3. When we're home alone we make as much noise as we possibly can, and it seems that whenever we're together just hanging out we have the best time! Always!
4. Most of all i love that we're sisters,and everything we do together, and i hope it stays this way forever, even after we start our own lives.
Happy birthday Sis!!
i can't believe you're already 15!

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Marfa said...

What a great layout...I bet she loved this!!!