Monday, February 9, 2009


i totally just had a revelation after visiting American Crafts blog, Wow i actually just made that a link!! First time, i'm proud of myself! lol
But yeah back to the revelation:
i found a new way to do pro
ject 365, here's my idea, if you go  couple of posts down they have instructions in how to make a cute valentine lunch box, and put 4x6 photos in with writing to use as valentines
So that got my creative juices flowing, and i came up with this:
get a lunch box like the one below, decorate as desired
Take a photo a day for a year
Print at 4X6
put all journaling on the back
For the dates, either add text before printing, or use a date stamp with white ink or other colors or so.
And assemble all in the lunchbox, as a filling sort of thing!!
well i'll tell you i was pretty darned excited with this idea, and kind of disappointed that i already have a system for my project, but if i do pretty well this year, i will definitely use this idea next year!
Just thought i would share for those of you who may not have an idea anymore!
Thanks for looking!


Monica said...

Hi! :)
I happened to look at your blog and I couldn't help but to be amazed by your craft projects! I mean even this lunchbox it is just too cute! You're so creative and have hands of magic? haha

Well, I actually enjoy making crafts and designing little things myself! And I saw some similarities between you and me!! :) I'm also 16, lived in Edmonton, Alberta for a couple years, AND am a teenage girl. :P Haha Anyways, you just got yourself a subscriber because I just LOVE your blog!

I'll look forward to your future posts and can't wait to see the new projects! :) YAY<3

If you want to check out my blog its:

Mrs. Filly said...

I just happened across your blog and I think this is a fabulous twist to the 365 idea! I am a recent scrapper (within the last 2 years) and i'm already jealous I didnt start younger! you have some way cute stuff on here! fyi i missed out on the 365 idea because i've never even thought to do that until I got my scrapbooking mag and it was AFTER JANUARY 1st :) i didn't want to make fake pictures for the days I missed so I guess I'll wait till next year!

from a fellow scrapper (not yet so talented) I love your site and I'll be revisiting