Monday, July 6, 2009


 Elizabeth Kartchner posted a photo like this about a week or two ago, but with a picture of herself so i thought i would do one too!
Plus it's my photo for July 3 for Project 365 round 2!
yes i started again, after my last failed attempt! it just got to be too much for me because taking all of the pictures and journaling each day was so overwhelming so i stopped and now i am starting up again, mainly to capture my Grade 12 year, final year of highschool, because i think it will be an awesome keepsake!
i started another blog for Project 365 specifically you can find it here
hopefully this will keep me more organized and more focused and inspired! 


ecojotter said...

congratulations megan, you won some ecojot flair!


please email me at ecojotter at gmail dot com with your address so that i know where to send your ecojot buttons :)


Chrispea said...

Hi Megan, thanks for visiting my blog(s). You asked about graphic design... or design in general... the field is wide open. I mostly do print design, ads, brochures, billboards, catalogs... stuff like that, but design is all over. My major was package design, so it's cool that I get to do a bit of that with the Creative Charms stuff. But, there's industrial design, web design, fabric design, fashion design, interior design... product design... I would say go to a fine arts college, with a focus on design, and see what you like most. When I went to school, I thought I'd be an illustrator, and was going to do fashion design... but switched gears and now I'm doing graphic design & print stuff. I do love it. (most days! ;)

I found Carina Gardners blog the other day, she is a fantastic designer, who doing fabric designs, graphic design and some other stuff. Check out her blog:

Phoenix Neuman said...

Hey! Your blog is great, your layouts are super cute and it's great to see someone close to my age that scrapbooks also! :)

oh, hello friend. said...

Hello Ladies!

Whew!! It is finally done! That was one intense project: sorting everyone and assigning partners. At some points, I thought I might go crazy -- I had over 10 documents open at one time ;) I tried my best to match you with someone that had some similarities to you! My brother said to just pool everyone together and do a "send to the person on your left" sort of thing, which would have probably been a lot easier but I really wanted to make sure you had good partners. Again, I really did my best - but if your interests are different than your partners, I figured you are all creative ladies and will work with it :) Also, if you didn't get the number of partners you requested, that is just the way it evened out so I'm sorry about that..

Thank you so much for your patience with me while I assigned partners and everything - I know a lot of you are really excited to get started.

Your partner's information will be at the end of this note. Feel free to email each other to find out more information if you would like & get to know your swap partner(s) -- I realized I didn't ask things like age/kids if you wanted to mention those sort of things. Oh, and be sure to exchange mailing addresses ;)

It was fun reading all of your interests and I found a lot of new shop favorites. A lot of 'interests' that made it to the list were anthropologie and vintage, hehe. We are all so alike. I think I visited almost all your blogs too! Anyway, my hope for you all in this exchange is to make a new friend: be it a new blog or new shop friend. I hope you have fun with this and I hope you receive a really lovely package. I'll be posting some more 'inspiration' on lovely packages on the blog, + post about shops who sell pretty supplies/papers/wraps/ribbons to give you ideas for your lovely package.

I thought I'd also include a note from Emily from Orange Beautiful, she encourages "everyone participating in the swap to try their best to only include repurpose/upcycled items, handmade items, or items purchased from independent & small business." Thanks Emily!

Some notes of importance:

++ Please have your packages sent by AUGUST 22nd! I hope that gives everyone enough time. If for some reason you cannot send it by then, simply email your partner to let them know.

++ Please refer back to the original post for any updates, notes, etc:

++ You can upload your photos in our group: -- upload images of packages you send (or wait so you don't spoil the surprise) + post pictures of what you receive! I will look through the group to gather images to post a follow up on the lovely package exchange at my blog :) If you don't want to join the group but want to have your images considered for the package post, please email them to me.

Okay, I hope I'm not forgetting anything. If I am, I'll just post it in the lovely package exchange post.
Thanks again for participating in this swap! It's really an honor to have you all.
Have fun!

oh, hello friend.

( ps: if there are any issues/problems/concerns, please don't hesitate to email me! )


carly on Thursday, 23 July, 2009 said...

Carly Lamanes
(soon to be opening)

Email Address:

Hamilton, Ontario CANADA

What are your interests:
books, crafts,art,jewelry, DIY... anything. i love it all! as long as it's cute!

Favorite shops links:

Anything else you'd like to mention:
just a simple girl.
i'm a librarian.
love vintage things.
love surprises too!

oh, hello friend. said...

ps: i tried emailing the note above to you, but it came back to me.

you might want to email your swap partner!