Wednesday, August 12, 2009

back from holiday's

we got back from holidays two days ago and i have sooo many photos to go through! between me and my sister we took over 1000 photo's, plus we went to drumheller today to see the dinosaur museum and took more pictures, anddd my older sister turned 19 two days ago so guess what... more pictures! 
i am planning on doing a huge online photo order tonight or tomorrow and get it over with! and then a lot of scrapbooking for me! any suggestions on how to display or scrapbook these? something quick and easy?


carly said...

Hey megan!
email me and let me know if you are still in for the lovely package swap from oh hello friends. your email address wasn't working.
Email me at and let me know either way!

blue said...

hi Megan..:) im aileen from is my net nickname since im crazy bout blue things :p

u have a very sweet blog ♥‿♥ i love it...
you are soo creative too!