Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well alot has happened lately i have recently started university, well this is my first day to be exact. im in a program that i am really excited about its called information design. Anyway here are some back to school pictures with me and my sisters.

Summer has been fun but not what i expected it to be. To be perfectly honest summer never came, weather here was absolute crap this year, its been rainy and cold, there wasn't a lot of hot days and if there was i was working all day so i didn't get to enjoy at all. It has felt way more like late fall and winter around here then summer, so i am really hoping that winter is short and warmer this year instead of below 40-45 like last year. Anyway these were some pictures from the summer i will post more later. Most are from our vacation camping where we had really nice whether, the only good weather all summer!

As for scrapbooking projects i am working on my grad album right now, and i want to get a summer 2010 album done as well. i haven't been scrapping lately because i have been so busy but i have all of this creative energy in me that i need to get out now, so hopefully i can crank out some projects soon!

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Monika Wright said...

I can't find your me at monikawright {at} hughes {dot} net and I'll send along the files you're having problems downloading.