Friday, December 31, 2010


I got myself a new toy today! I got a gift card to a mall from my grandparents for my graduation, and i decided to spend it today!
so i got myself a mini instax camera!!

and i am in love, okay well i've only taken one picture so far, but i still love it!

i have wanted on of these since they came out about 2 years ago, and i am so happy to finally have one in my hands just for me!

i also ordered this album off of etsy which is made to fit the pictures perfectly and come in lots of different colors. i got the blue one!

any suggestions for using the camera? do you have one?


Monika Wright said...

Love the camera, too! I just linked your photo book recommendation to the Flickr group for the 52Photos challenge, hope you don't mind. Let me know if you still need the link for the download!

Nathalie said...

Just came over from Monika's blog and found your blog to be delighful! I am so jealous of you having this camera as I have been eyeing them for a while too!

katiebug92 said...

ooh, I'm jealous! One of these days I will get me an instax! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi :) I randomly googled 'scrapbooking' & 'teen', and I'm so glad I found you! In the two hours since discovering you, I've read your blog beginning to end and it inspired me to start my own blog. So yeah, thanks! I'm following you, and if you think mine's alright...please go ahead and follow me too :P

Jenna Upson said...

hi, i love that camera, and the size of the prints. I wonder if i can get one in the UK? xxxxx

Anonymous said...

That is a cool camera. Have never seen it before and want to check it out for my daughter. You have inspired me when I found out how old you were. My baby is your age and I have tried to get her to join me in paper-craft and blog-land. Maybe someday. I believe I will click on follow to see what new and fresh things you bring to use viewers. Keep it up. Hugs