Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Wrapping

Wrapped up all my presents yesterday, wasn't too many this year, but wrapping even a couple was good! i absolutley love wrapping presents, so if you need any wrapped just send them on over to me. Last year in my stocking santa left a 20 page MArtha Stewart book on how to wrap presents, so i used one idea from there, and printed off 2" square tags with pictures of the reciver, so no writing involved,and it gave the gift a different look.

Also made some Jam cookies, it was a simple oatmeal cookie recipe, and then i stuck some rasberry jam in the middle of two, and made a cookie sandwich, sooo yummy!!!
Trying to use these next couple days till christmas to catch up on my december daily album. i'll post some pictures once i start finnishing some pages.

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