Monday, December 8, 2008


Wow it finally snowed last night here in Calgary, well actually is started at like 8 in the morning and didn't stop until late. But it was a huge dump of fluffy white stuff!
It was the really heavy sticky stuff, so really bad to drive in and really easy to get stuck in! I worked yesterday doing brunch, and then called mom to come pick me up, well she got stuck in the alley, and Kristen and Erinn Had to push her out, and then she came to heritage Park and the city bus was vertical across the road, so she couldn't get by, and then she got stuck on a really small hill, and we had to get the worker men to push her out. It was very nice of them, and we got out after some work!
but my golly it was a huge mess! i was off early and i had some time to check out the new shops at heritage park, an antique store, which is my new favorite store! they have so many great things there, so many old albums and list could go on and on so i won;t get into that. but i picked up a couple gifts, and an old cigar box for me! i will re-decorate i think and put a mini album inside!
Here's some pictures of the snow!

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okanogangirl said...

Great pics - especially the last two!