Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Daily

I am following Ali Edward December Daily album, but i am already getting behind!! Not good, but i have the album already done, so i just need stuff to put inside, which is gonna be hard, since i am a full time student, its hard to do stuff everyday, but hope full i will get some stuff done!
The thing that i was to do today was drink Apple cider/ hot chocolate! that was easy, since i had Cran-apple cider, it is the best stuff you will ever have! EVER! makes me happy just thinking about it, sadly though it is disappearing fast, and i don't know where to get it again! too sad :(
December came too fast for me, i am already behind in school, and i have to do at least 30 units this month, which is only two weeks, it still hasn't started off great, and i am almost failing physics! if you don't know what units are, don't worry about it, if you didn't go to my school, then you probably wouldn't understand, which is okay!
anyway, i have lots of work to do!

Have a great day!

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