Sunday, January 25, 2009


yesterday i was over at my dad's apartment and i finally got a chance to order my Macbook!!! i am so excited, I've been saving up for this, and thinking about buying it for almost a year now! and its finally happened, the worst part now is the fact that i have to wait for Mr. Delivery man to bring it to me! here's what i ordered yesterday:

My dad and mom didn't really want me to get the macbook just yet because my sister got hers as a graduation present, but i knew i wasn't waiting another year and a half to get mine! But then they wanted me to wait until at least June because they had a promotion going on last year, that if you bought a macbook you could get a free ipod, but that's still months away, and I've already saved up for my macbook, and i have enough money now. Plus i think i need this little pick me up right now, and i know that sometime before the summer i will be buying my first car, {Note to self, go for drivers test soon!} and i don't really want to put these two things together, buying a car is going to be very expensive, and i don't want to add this laptop on top of all that, sooo..... theres all my reasons!
it should ship sometime next week, or defiantly the week after that, but as long as i have it before February 10th, I'm happy!
Feb.10th is my high schools Open house, and I'll have to stay after school from 3-5:30 doing homework, and having my laptop with me will make it a little easier!
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Douglass Family said...


Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I saw that you are getting a Mac! Great place to start if you want to be a Graphic Designer. I too started scrapbooking at a young age which definitely inspired the degree. I received a two year degree from Utah Valley State College. From there I worked at my LSS doing small little design projects. I later became a product designer for American Crafts which has been such an awesome experience.

I would do all you can to get all of your general classes out of the way even before you leave high school so you can focus on design when you get in college.

Take some classes or read books and get to know the Adobe programs. (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign). That will give you a head start on the other students.

Anyway... lots of information! Feel free to email me anytime!
Happy Designing! You're darling!