Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Project 365

I am sooo on board with this it is not even funny! i am so excited already, and its only been a week! i have not ordered a kit from CK and i am happy that i didn't after what I've heard and seen about how the website crashed, and there weren't too many kits to go around. But i am very pleased with my plan of how i will accomplish my own album! i recently learned how to create my own divided page protectors off of another blog: http://http://onelittleword.typepad.com/olw/2008/10/karlas-tiptechn.html
so i have created my own! yay for me! i will do 52 all together, but i will only be creating them a week in advance, for example this week most of my photos are vertical so i made the 4x6 slots vertical, next week may be the same or different. the only thing i need to figure out is what to do about journaling cards, i may just have to make different ones everyday or something i don't know! i wish i could figure that out!
My page protectors look pretty much like the ones that came in the kit, and i have one extra slot for memorabilia, more journaling, extra photos, etc.

My take on the project is i will have one photo everyday, but i have not necessarily taken the photos, most will be mine, but other days may be an old picture of mine, a favorite photo of mine from years or months ago. or something that inspired me that day, or a movie or show i watched, so the pressure to take a photo a day isn't as great, there is still some slack for me. i know the whole idea of the project is to document everyday life, but i know i would fall off the band waggon within a couple weeks, so this works better for me.
I also think that's kind of a good thing, we should be able to adapt the project to our needs, and make it work for every one of us, and that's what i did for me!

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Young n Crafty said...

Yeah, I just got inspired with the projects about a month ago or so. It's May, so of course the kit is gone! I have had a lot of trouble adjusting a normal album for this project, but I don't care... I can't wait for the results!

(I am so sad that the kit is gone, though. It was just so... perfect. I love it. But I will never have it.)