Thursday, January 8, 2009


i Created a cute little mini, from some fabric that i got from a local quilting shop. Me and my mom went to a craft, okay well sewing/quilting/some scrapbooking fair in the fall, and we each one a door prize for a gift certificate for this quilting shop, so i got some fabric, and other little things with the money, and finally made a project with it! yay!
I used my new bind it all to put it all together, now all it needs is some pictures, i'm thinking i will put some baby pics in, about 10 i think. Each page is roughlly 4x4, i took a light weight cardboard, cut the fabric arround it and then sewed up the edges, and used pinking shears to make the edges look good!
i was inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner's mini book that she made about her daughter, so all the credit goes to that girl! She is such an inspiration, i would put a link, but i dont know how!! so any hel would be good!
i will post more pics, once the book is officially compleate!