Friday, January 15, 2010


I know it has been a very long time since i have posted anything! and i really do feel bad about that, but i am going to make mush more of an effort to post more this year. 
Right now i am sitting in our new scraproom and my mom's house, we repainted and moved all the furniture around after my older sister moved in with my dad. I am loving how it is turning out, and i am so excited to start working in it. I have been organizing like crazy these past couple days and throwing alot of stuff out that i know i will never use, and it feels good to get all that clutter out of my life!
I will post pictures as soon as it is all finished!

But back to right now, i am about to finish a book, sweethearts by Sara Zarr which is very, very good. i would recommend reading it, and it will be a quick read too i promise, i could barley put it down when i started reading 2 nights ago. 
I am sitting here with my book, and a cup of coffee, listening to james morrison, matt nathanson and ingrid michaelson and i could not be happier! 

Have a great weekend!
heres and inspiring picture for you too:

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