Monday, January 25, 2010


I really want to do project life, and it just so happens that Becky Higgin's is launching the digital version of the project today, so if you want the details when she posts them go over to her blog.
I am really struggling with how to do the project though. Ali Edwards posted her version on her blog today, and i love the way it looks in the paper version. I think a digital version would work best  for me but Becky Higgin's version is too expensive, it will cost up-words of $100 to actually print the book, which i cannot afford. 

Which brings me to my next point, i think i will just blog my year, either on this blog or another one, and keep a daily journal, both visual and writing. And after the year is up i will print my blog using blurb which will only cost me about $30-40 instead of $100. Much more affordable in my opinion. And to keep it on the cheaper side i think i will do a post a week with a weeks worth of journaling and pictures so it will have around 52 pages in it. 

Some of the downsides of doing the project digitally is you cannot put memorabilia in the book, unless it is scanned in. which is something i will not do, i already know that. So to solve that problem i will just collect it in an envelope, and keep it with my printed book when it's finished. Another thing is all my writing will be typed, and you cannot put your own writing unless you scan it in as well, but i am okay with that because i include my writing on all of my pages, and my own personal journal.

I just thought i would share what i was thinking..... are you doing project life? or are you trying Project 365?? how are you going to do your album??

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