Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello Holga

One of my favorite christmas presents this year was my holga 135 turqoiuse camera!
There is quite the story behind this first roll of film. My dad volunteered to load the camera for me, because he "knew" what he was doing, and i thought he did. But he loaded it wrong. I shot 24 pictures, which was supposed to be the whole roll, but the film was still advancing to 36. We loaded it wrong. It turns out i had taken 24 pictures on on frame because the film wasn't advancing properly.
So I opened up the back and re-loaded the film, took 24 pictures and got them developed! Only 17 of them turned out, and only about 5 were clear enough to see what they were. I will never load film wrong ever again! Lesson learned.
These were the best ones:

I've figured out that the 400 speed film can ONLY be used outside. None of the indoor ones turned out, no matter how much light was present. So i will remember that for next time!

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