Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally done

I mentioned that i wanted to change the blog around, and i have finally gotten it to a place that i like. I wanted a change, but each of the changes i made just didn't seem like me. This weekend i was playing around with some business card ideas for my sister, and came up with a new blog headder in the process. I LOVE this one, it seems more me, and is a nice change!
So here is what my original blog looks like:

Then i changed it to this:

And now i am keeping it like this!

I decided to change the name because i have grown out of it, literally. I am growing up, soon to be 19, which is still a teenager, but i feel more like an adult, and then name just didn't fit anymore. 
Anyway hope you all like the new change, Have  a nice day!

1 comment:

Monika Wright said...

love it and fits the new grown-up you!