Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Idea Book

I made this book so i could have all my ideas in one central place. The different tabs are: Sketches,Color swatches, journaling and Ideas (like page topics, and cards etc. ) i am really finding this very handy, and it helps me stay organized. i often write my ideas down in the book, and then refer to it later when i need some inspiration. Also when I'm browsing different blogs and galleries, and i see a layout, card or idea i like, i put it in a folder, and then every once in awhile i print out a whole bunch on one sheet. i Will also be including this in my idea book! This idea was featured in a CK magazine, i don't know which on exactly, but that's where my inspiration is from!

Had a great day at school today! not. our school went into a Mock lock down. A couple of weeks ago a school pretty close to mine went into lock down, after a man came in completely naked. But it is actually pretty scary to think that something like that or even worse could happen to us at my school. My biggest fear, is of a school shooting! It has been since elementary, when i first knew what high school was. Luckily though i go to a very, VERY safe school. Ours is much, much smaller then the average high school, and the way our school is run, and the teaching is so different, that everyone is so much more friendly, and nice. it really makes you appreciate what you've got!

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