Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

It is remembrance day today. please take a minute of silence to reflect on all that our soldiers have done for us.

I would like to thank all the Canadian soldiers that have risked their life in battle, for the freedom of our country, and the safety of our people. Most of all i would like to offer comfort to all the families affected by the war, and all the previous wars. My heart especially goes out to the family of Corporal Nathan Hornburg, who was killed last year. He was a graduate of the same high school as me. Hid family came to our Remembrance day celebration last year, just a month after their son was killed. I cannot thank you enough for speaking to us,and sharing your story.

I will never Forget.

I am also posting pictures of some Christmas tags that i made a little while ago. I will either be using them on my presents or selling them at my Church's Craft sale NEXT year. I just took a cream piece of paper, lightly stamped a snowflake on, used my STUDIO G alphabet stamps, and tied some ribbon. Didn't take very long at all!

About those STUDIO G stamps. I popped into Michael's today with my mom, expecting to only get some paper that was on sale, and possibly use the 50% off coupon, and to my surprise they had the alphabet stamps!!! i was beyond excited. I picked up one set a couple months ago, like summer time, loved them once i used them, went back to get more, and they didn't have any. i was so disappointed. I have been looking for them ever since, and finally found them!! That seriously made my day! :D

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