Friday, November 7, 2008

Turning 16

Okay, so I'm super excited about this new blog!
here's a project i did back in April, when i turned 16. it was my reflection on my life so far, and what i look forward to in coming years, and what i am afraid of experiencing, or challenges i will be facing. i am so glad i did this, its going to be a great keepsake in years to come.
okay, so i wanted to do the "week in the life" project that Ali Edwards featured a couple weeks back, and i was planning to start it on Sunday, and continue it all next week, but my camera is officially dead. And i cannot find the USB cord to plug it in to charge, ANYWHERE. Seriously where could it have gone? i must find it, next week is going to be a good week to do this project, i don't have a full week of school, so it will be much easier. What will i do? Must go look for it now.....

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