Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So i started reading these books in grade nine, that was 3 years ago, way before it became so big. I was one of the first to fall in love with it, i just couldn't help it. They were SO good. I was so exctied when the last book came out Breaking dawn. It came out this summer, right before we went camping, which couldn't have been more perfect, The best beach read ever!! even though i finished most of it in the car ride there! Oh well, i just couldn't help myself. Anyway, the movie came out on Friday November 21st, which was last week, and of course i HAD to see it opening night! i mean come one i have been waiting for this for years!

But i have to say i was VERY dissapointed with the movie! I went with a friend who read the book adn she loved it, but i just didnt like it. And i dont think i will go and see the other ones. I think even trying and making a movie from that book is a dissaster,and dissapointment to start out with. you just cant do it. Oh and the Acting was horrible, so bad. Robert Patterson, i am sorry but you suck! your just too akward. And the music they chose for the movie was so bad too, to distracting, they could have chosen that better. And Jacob's teeth are way to white! I mean come on, they could have done a better job. There, that's my vent for the day! LOL

I'll post my december Daily album tomorrow!

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